Mineral and Natural Salts Enriched Alkaline Drops

Restore waters natural minerals and salts and enable your fish to live in a water it can naturally call as home.

" After 2 years of searching I found a miraculous approach"

 I am a fish lover and I am crazy about fishes as pets. I had a medium sized fish tank in my home about 4 years ago. I noticed that almost every week my pet fishes behaved very  abnormally and they looked pale and sick. Eventually one by one all passed away. I could not find out what was the reason and thought may be fishes were already sick.

But then I got a couple of Betta fishes .They are known to be strong. But even these two passed away within a month. I was upset. Same happened with my other fishes which I got 6 months later. I kept struggling to find out why all my fishes passed away. I came to know that normal tap water was too acidic for them, which was making it difficult for them to survive and made their scales and fins  look burnt; even though I changed the water every weekend.

Recently I came to know about this Fishfit from Fresheal,  2 drops of which when used makes the water slightly alkaline and provides optimum and adaptable environment for fishes. Even it increases the oxygen content of water and has essential minerals for fishes to thrive optimally.

After using FishFit I was pleasantly surprised to see my fishes  grow big and healthy and  I have not encountered the earlier issues I had with tap water. So a big thanks to this product. Wish I came to know earlier about this product.

Ananda das

Kolkata, India

Why is FishFIT so powerful?


Fresheal FishFIT is the best mineral based natural water drops to help fishes grow and reproduce with optimum environment

FishFit has essential minerals and natural salts which maintains the pH of the water in the aquarium 

FishFit also enhances oxygen content in water thereby mimicking a  clean, safe and natural environment for fishes

" Amazing results with FishFIT "

I cannot resist and keep to myself about the wonder water I found for my aquarium. I found this FishFit through my friend. She has been using it for few months now and has mentioned about the wonders of easy maintenance of large aquarium she has. Thrilled i decided to try this FishFit and it found to be amazing .

While it is hard to notice the difference this brings, I can see a small but a subtle difference in my fishes. They seem to be more agile than before and I feel there is a lesser need to clean the water as often as before. I can easily attribute these changes to the use of FishFIT. Given how inexpensive they are, I highly recommend this to any fish lover (not eater). 

Janaki Subramaniam

Bangalore, India

How does FishFIT Help?

Each 10 litres of water you prepare by adding just two drops of FishFit works in 3 steps.


Detoxifies The Water

FishFit added to regular water to be filled in the aquarium tank provides safe and balanced environment for fishes to thrive and removes toxins created by fishes excreta and neutralizes acid in the water 


Increased Life Span

Essential minerals and natural salts in the drops helps maintaing the natural conditions for fishes and help them grow and be healthy and provides a safe environment for their eggs to hatch


Enhanced oxygen

FishFit drops added to the  water enhances oxygen content in water enabling fishes be comfortable longer in the same water

" The Best Alkaline Water for Aquarium "

I am into fish breeding.  Even though I have adequate knowledge about fishes, their breeds and their maintenance; I saw that most of  the eggs of the fishes in my different tanks did not hatch. I discovered that the acidity in tanks decreased the rate of survival of the eggs. I did my research and found a few solutions. Among them, I found fishFIT to be the safest, natural, easy to use and also inexpensive.

Since I have started using FishFIT, I have seen an increase in the number of eggs hatching and growth rate has increased. I am quite satisfied with the result. 

Amit thakur

Indore, India

What is Unique About this FishFit Alkaline Drops?

Neutralizes Acidity

FishFIT alkaline drops neutralises excess acid in the water used for aquarium & makes water heather

Enhances Oxygen

FishFIT enhances the bio-availability of oxygen content of water & enhances freshness of water for longer periods

Essential minerals

FishFit provides certain essential minerals for the growth and reproduction of fishes

Natural salts for Fishes

FishFit puts back natural salts into water which helps mimic natural environment for the fishes

Natural & Safe

FishFit Drops 100% natural and safe and the resulting water has been tested and approved by FSSAI

Customer Success

Most of our customers see positive results with the use of FishFit drops be it in big aquariums or small fish bowls

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