Mineral Rich Alkaline Drops

Two Drops of Health, Fitness & Happiness

YouFIT alkaline drops transforms your RO water into Mineral Rich Alkaline water in 2 Seconds. Perfect way to make your water healthy wherever you are – Home, Gym or Office.

Whats Wrong with RO Water?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water is widely used method of purification to take out harmful elements from the water. However, the technology is so pervasive that it takes out all the essential mineral from water. 

Whats the big deal? Well, water, along with fruits & vegetables, is a critical supplier of essential minerals much needed for the body. This is the reason why most of our organs need water to function.

Why is this not in the news then? Well, it depends on where you are looking. As recently as Nov 2019, Supreme Court of India upheld a ban on RO water. National Green Tribunal (NGT) in India, & World Health Organisation (WHO) have released a white paper indicating long term health consequences of drinking RO water. 

What Minerals will you Get with Fresheal YouFIT?

Below are the 4 of the top minerals you from each litre of our water .

Iron - 2.00 Mg/L
Calcium - 9.00 Mg/L
Sodium - 14.10 Mg/L
Potassium - 24.00 Mg/L

How Many Minerals?

Not 2, 4 or even 10. We have 20+ minerals in various proportions, all within the allowable range set by regulatory authorities.  Thus restoring most minerals back to your water and more. 

"After 3 years of Struggle this worked like a Miracle"

I am a 33 year old male from Patna Bihar, suffering from GERD (Acid Reflux) from last 6 years and lactose intolerance from 3 years. I am a fitness freak person I have been doing gym since 2002 regularly & I have been following protein-rich diet with caffeine rich supplements. This used to trigger extreme acidity, bloating, lack of appetite & heart burn on almost daily basis. I have been having Rabeprazole medicine for the past 3 years to counter these on every alternate day. The medicine was effective but it had long term side effects.

Recently I realised that making the body alkaline could help fight my acidity but most of the products online were costly. It is when I found this product which I purchased instantly. I used it the night I got these in my hands and you wont believe me, my acidity and gas was completely gone the next day. IT WAS A MIRACLE.

Now, I have stopped having Rabeprazole but having my protein rich diet without worry or trouble. I cannot be happier.


Patna, India

How does YouFIT Help?

Each glass of water you prepare by adding just two drops of YouFit works in 3 steps.


Detox The Body

Each drop of YouFit is created by carefully processing many natural herbs like Tulasi, Palasha & Others. These start detoxification of the body within 24 hours of consuming your first glass.


Build Immunity

Traditional Ayurvedic procedures that we follow ensures that each of the drop is enriched with 18 different minerals & 2 critical vitamins. All of these will help you in build your immunity.


Fight Diseases

Each glass of YouFit water help us fight diseases like cancer & diabetes with a rich dose of antioxidants which in turn blunts free radicals & the negative effects that it creates in the body.

" Cheap Alkaline Water on the Go "

I dont need anyone to convince me that Alkaline foods & water is good for health. But, everything that was in the market was so expensive that I dropped the idea of having alkaline water. At this point my friend, Anand referred me YouFit and I gladly purchased without blinking.

I tested the water at home using my old pH meter and it indeed worked like a charm. Now, I carry YouFit all the time in my purse and add that magical two drops to every glass (of water) that I drink.


Bangalore, India

Why Drink Alkaline Water?


Whatever we eat or drink are either acidic (pH less than 7) or alkaline (pH greater than 7 until 14). It so happens that most (not all) fruits and vegetables are alkaline in nature while most not so healthy ones are acidic.

Research has found that our body tends to work well with alkaline foods & water. It makes sense. Our blood, made of 90% of water, has its pH 7.35 to 7.45 (alkaline).  So, if we consume water and food which are acidic, our kidneys will have to work extra hard to take out excess acidity out of the body. A sustain pressure on our kidneys could cause its damage or failure.

" The Best Alkaline 'Diet' 😀 "

I have been told by my nutritionist to reduce the acidic food content to help maintain my blood pH & protect my kidneys which have become weaker. While I have cut down on animal products & increased alkaline foods like fruits and veg, it is not easy during weekdays. YouFit helps me in this challenge as within seconds, I can convert my glass of water Alkaline just before I gulp it down.


Delhi, India

What is Unique About YouFit Alkaline Drops?

Builds Immunity

YouFit alkaline drops enhances protective properties of your drinking water which in turn boosts your immunity

Deep Detoxification

Each YouFIT drop is extracted from herbs like Tulasi, Turmeric, Palasha & Ashwagandha & hence accelerate detoxification of the body.

Enrich Micro Nutrients

Each glass you drink gives you a boost of essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium & 18 other minerals & 2 vitamins needed for the body.

Burst Free Radicals

YouFit alkaline water has many potent antioxidants that help prevent the growth of cell damaging, disease causing free radicals in the body

Augment Alkalinity

Each drop of YouFIT makes your water Alkaline which is critical for neutralising the excess acidity in our stomach & intestines & help maintain blook pH

Fast Hydration

Each glass of YouFit alkaline water hydrates you better compared to normal or RO drinking water.

Natural & Safe

YouFit Drops are made from 100% natural herbs and the resulting water has been tested & approved by FSSAI

Holistic Protection

The product is based on 5000 years of Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom & provides holistic protection for the body.

Customer Success

Most of our customers see positive results within 1-3 months of consuming our YouFit Alkaline Water.

Plans & Pricing

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