The most powerful Glass of Water
to fight Deadly Diseases

Mixing Two Drops of YouFit in to your Regular Glass of Drinking Water will make your Water in to a Healthy Mineral Rich Alkaline  Water. 

Fresheal YouFit is the best herb based natural concentrated alkaline drops out there to help you build immunity & fight lifestyle diseases like Cancer & Diabetes.

How does Alkaline Water work?

Each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water is made of multiple natural herb based ingredients that enable the following 3 things


Detox The Body

Each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water is created by carefully processing many natural herbs like Tulasi, Palasha & Others. These start detoxification of the body within 24 hours of consuming.


Build Immunity

Traditional Ayurvedic procedures that we follow ensures that each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water is enriched with 18 different minerals & 2 critical vitamins. All of these help build our immunity.


Fight Diseases

Each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water help us fight diseases like cancer & diabetes with a rich dose of antioxidants which in turn blunts free radicals & the negative effects that it creates in the body.   

What A Rectum Cancer Fighter Has to Say

I was diagnosed rectum cancer in Aug 2018 and had got severe pain and trouble in motions, My friend kamat refered Gou Sanjeevini medicines, since then the pain has reduced and motions becoming normal. After two months of taking medicine going through another laboratory test, I am very confident that I am getting better day by day.

Govardhan N


What is Unique About this YouFit Alkaline Water?

There are many factors which make these Ayurvedic supplement unique. However, below are some of the big reasons why they are (one of) the best in the market.

Fast Detoxification

The herbs like Tulasi, Turmeric, Palasha & Ashwagandha help us in fast detoxification of the body.

Enrich Micro Nutrients

Each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water provides us with 20 essential minerals like Calcium, Gold, Silver Etc & Vitamins A & B5.

Protect Organs

Micro nutrients in Each Glass of Alkaline Water protects & strengthens different organs of our body like kidney & bones.

Augment Alkalinity

Each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water also act as a dose of alkaline food. They neutralize the negative effect of acidic food we consume everyday

Burst Free Radicals

We get a dose of antioxidants with each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water which help us burst away the free radicals that form due to oxidation.

Inner Immunity

Each Glass of YouFit Alkaline Water maintains bodys Alkaline state which is necessary for the proper functioning of Immune System.

Natural Ingredients

The ingredients that we pick for this product is carefully hand picked from pure, natural environment.

Ayurvedic Process

We follow the 5000 year old ayurvedic procedure to process the ingredients to create our finished product.

Customer Success

Most of our customers see positive results within 3 months of consuming our YouFit Alkaline Water.

What A Cancer Fighter Has to Say

I am referred by my relative sujatha, after understanding about the immunity support medicine I tried taking the medicine. I was undergoing chemotherapy for almost 4 years with a gap of 3 months each time and cancer was still spreading all over body. I started taking Gou Sanjeevini medicine parallelly for 6 months did help me in faster recovery and my body got enough strength to bare the pain of chemotherapy and treatment was successful..



The Fitness Fighters who Consume YouFit Alkaline Water Everyday

Increasing number of Health Conscious Individuals & Fitness Fighters have joined hands for better health. 

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What Another Cancer Fighter Has to Say

I, myself, had got cancer in lymph nodes when I had travelled to Oman and doctors told now treatment is not necessary and come back once any symptoms is seen. I decided to go through ayurvedic treatment in Warangal and after recommendation of our doctor I took the medicine from govati and found to be very useful and I can feel like recovering very fast.

The product is little on the costlier side and hence I thought of reducing one star for this review but to be honest there is nothing like this product in the market.

Anand a


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