How to convert any drinking water to

Healthy Mineral Rich Alkaline Water

In Two Seconds?

Why Healthy Water Matter?

Majority of our body and our organs are made up of water making water more important than anything else we consume. 

Now, tell me, why would you drink anything but healthy water?

How Does Jeev Amrit water Help?

Each glass of water you prepare by adding just two drops of Jeev Amrit works in 3 steps.


Detox The Body

Each drop of Jeev Amrit is created by carefully processing many natural herbs like Tulasi, Palasha & Others. These start detoxification of the body within 24 hours of consuming your first glass.


Build Immunity

Traditional Ayurvedic procedures that we follow ensures that each of the drop is enriched with 18 different minerals & 2 critical vitamins. All of these will help you in build your immunity.


Fight Diseases

Each glass of Jeev Amrit water help us fight diseases like cancer & diabetes with a rich dose of antioxidants which in turn blunts free radicals & the negative effects that it creates in the body.

In what ways does this help?

These Alkaline drops have 20 vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body. Having these would help in many ways of which below are a few important ones.

Builds Immunity

Alkaline water boosts and supports immune system thereby keeping pathogens at bay.

Fight Acidity, Bloating & BP

It makes you feel lighter and better by fighting everyday problems like acidity, bloating and high blood pressure.

Fights Lifestyle Diseases

An alkaline water is known to help us in fighting diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid & Cancer.

Cardio Vascular Health

Each mineral that these drop have helps us in one or the other way. Magnesium for example, promotes normal heart function.

Better Hydration

Alkaline water is known to hydrate body much better than tap water and much better than RO water.

Promote Optimal Growth

Alkaline food & water we consume tend to create the best environment for protection & growth of our cells.

What Others Have to Say?

Out of all the Alkaline Drops that are there in the Market in India, Jeev Amrit is really small and convenient to carry but more importantly it is CHEAPEST BY FAR...
Caroline Francis
Goa, India
Search online to know why you must drink Alkaline water but what fascinates me is that Jeev Amrit has 20 additional minerals & vitamins. Just PERFECT.
Mohit Dube
Kolkota, India

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