Hangonil – Herbal Alkaline For Alcohol


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Do you enjoy your booze party, but you hate Hangovers?😩
Partying with your favourite drinks is fun while it lasts,
but it’s the painful hangover that everyone worries about.
It causes,
👉 Fatigue
👉 Weakness
👉 Headaches
👉 Vomiting
👉 Poor Sleep
👉 Dizziness
👉 Anxiety
And the list goes on…
What if there is a way you can enjoy your drink without worrying about hangovers NATURALLY?🤔
Wouldn’t that be awesome, right?🤩
Look, the main reason for a Hangover is severe Dehydration caused by Alcohol in the body. If you can stop the dehydration, you can not only stop the Hangover, you avoid the serious risks that come with it.
Now, for this, you need to drink a lot of water after we party. Now, that’s not practical. The best way would be to naturally hydrate your body as you enjoy your alcohol.
Is there such a miracle product? 🤔
Yes! There is.
Presenting Hango-nil, 100% Herbal Drinking Water and your Best Friend at a party!🤩
Hangonil hydrates you faster and better because of its natural micro-clustering properties acquired from 11 Healthy Herbs like Tulasi, Palasha and Ashwagandha.
It also has 20+ Minerals & Vitamins, much needed for the body, and yet it tastes exactly like your natural water.
Just use it with your alcoholic drinks like regular water &
say goodbye to your hangovers, once and for all.👋
Want to give it a try?
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