Mineral Rich Alkaline Drops for Pets

Two Drops Makes your Pet active, Healthy & Happy

PetFIT alkaline drops transforms your Pet’s normal water into Mineral Rich Alkaline water in just 2 Seconds. It’s a Perfect way to make your Pet’s water healthy .


"Feasible alkaline water for everyday use"

My 9 year old Beagle Bruno suffered from hip dysplasia and recently underwent surgery. I was very worried about my pet’s recovery but thanks to this wonderful and healing water Petfit alkaline water. This helped my Bruno with amazing quick recovery and I am amazed too see the change in Bruno’s overall health after using Alkaline water .I started using this alkaline water and suprised to see the transforming results. As it has natural herbs, vitamins and antioxidants ; the water helped my Bruno bounce back from surgery quickly and cleared the trauma from hospitalization and  helped rebalance his body.

 I have replaced the regular drinking water now with Petfit alkaline water and using this everyday.

Astonishing to see drinking water could provide so many natural benefits to a pet!


Jyothi kulkarni

Mumbai, India

Why is PetFIT so powerful?


Fresheal PetFIT is the best herb based natural water drops to help your Pets build immunity, Nutrition & fight lifestyle diseases

Each Drop has 20 different Minerals & Vitamins like Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Folic Acid and Vitamin A & B5

The bowl of water you create with 2 drops of PetFIT becomes alkaline & promotes protection of your Pet’s organs & enable maintaining it’s blood pH

" My recent discovery "

Buddy, as we lovingly called him; my pet lab Max is a proactive one with a hearty appetite and one suffering with obvious consequences of overeating. He frequently suffered from diarrhea and indigestion. And during such times I would be devastated to see my otherwise super rustling buddy; curled up at the  corner of his bed. Tried many remedies as suggested by well wishers could not find an optimum solution for my pet. Just came across this PetFit AD on social media and decided to give it a go. I was happy to try PetFit alkaline water without any apprehensions as it was ‘water’ and not a medication as such. Within few weeks of using this for my buddy, I could see amazing change in my pet’s health and primarily his digestive issues. His dehydration problem due to frequent diarrhea subsided eventually and other symptoms of gas and acidity too gradually disappeared. Buddy has been doing quite good in past 9 months as his digestive issues seems to be resolved.

Overjoyed with my discovery of PetFit ; I could not resist sharing my story to all the pet lovers about this super amazing alkaline water. 


Noel d'souza

Kerala, India

How does PetFIT Help?

Each Bowl of water you prepare for Pets, by adding just two drops of PetFit works in 3 steps.


Detox Pet's Body

Each drop of PetFit is created by carefully processing 11 natural herbs like Tulsi, Palasha &other herbs as well as has essential micronutrients. This water detoxifies the body and enriches the body with nutrients as well as destroys bacteria and yeast normally present in regular water thereby promoting  overall health of your pet’s body.


Build Its Immunity

Petfit alkaline water becomes an feasible approach to pet lovers for building the pet’s immunity as they are nourished with antioxidants and vitamins as they quench their thirst.


Helps fight Illness

Harness the healing power of PetFit which has natural herbs and essential vitamins and is quite effective in keeping the pets healthy.

" The Best Alkaline 'Water' for Pet "

I have been using PetFit alkaline water for my pet cat Misty since two years after having comes across this product through a friend. I was very surprised that solution for pet’s health problems is so handy that it is conveniently solved through pet’s drinking water. A couple of years ago Misty was becoming increasingly lethargic and seemed pale and showed signs of infection frequently. I was worried that it would be an underlying health issue. After getting Misty diagnosed ,I found that she was suffering from dehydration, acid reflux and infection.

 I started using Petfit alkaline water since then and have found positive result in her overall health. Acidity and dehydration both subsided completely since last  1 1/2 years and as she is quite old ; I am happy to see an her active and free of any common health issues at her age.


Patricia fernandes

Bengaluru, India

What is Unique About this PetFit Alkaline Drops?

Burst Free Radicals

PetFit alkaline water has many potent antioxidants that helps reducing of cell damaging free radicals in your Pet's body

Augment Alkalinity

PetFit alkaline water helps in neutralising the excess acidity in your pet's stomach & intestines & help maintain blood pH

Adequate Hydration

Each Bowl of PetFit alkaline water ensures good hydration of the pet's body which is necessary to prevent diseases and health disorders

Natural & Safe

PetFit Drops are made from 100% natural herbs and the resulting water has been tested & approved by FSSAI

Holistic Protection

The product is based on 5000 years of Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom & provides holistic protection for your Pet's body.

Customer Success

Most of our customers see positive results within 1-3 months of making their Pet's consume our PetFit Alkaline Water.

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